United Presbyterian Church  2360 Longwood Ave., Reedsport, OR 97467  (541) 271-3214.  Pastor: (541) 218 7657

   Sunday Service: 10:30. Sunday School: 9:00. Pastor's Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 - 2:00; Saturdays, 9:00 - 11:30.

         Last updated: 08/24/2023

Scriptures for Sunday, August 27th, have been uploaded. Click here. 


1.     Bible study 9:15 Sunday mornings.

2.     Prayer Circle meets Wednesday at 4PM.  All are invited.

3.     The “Young at Heart” gathers for fun and games on the 3rd Friday of the month, so our next gathering will be Friday, August 18.

4.     Our monthly potluck is the last Sunday of the month, August 25. 

5.   Choir practice on Saturdays at 10AM

6.   NonProphets practice on Fridays at 1PM


Revised Community Events:

1.     First Friday (9/1, 10/6) Vendor's Market—Hwy 38,

2.  08/25 - 6 pm - Stillwater at Blue Box in Winchester Bay

3.  09/16 - 3rd Saturday Cleanup (9/16, 10/18).

4.  09/01 - 6 pm - Timberwolf at Blue Box in Winchester Bay

5.   10/04 - 4 pm - Ocktoberfest at Blue Box in Winchester Bay — featuring Candy Apple Blue 

We are a very friendly and open church and we would be honored to have you drop in and check us out...and we hope you'll come back.

Homeless or in need of help? We have a limited amount of food, money and other items on hand.  However, you will need to come by—see church hours above.   

Looking for a place to meet?  Our church has rooms available during the week for meetings, classes, etc.


Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ukrainian people and all others undergoing brutal atrocities and intimidation by those who believe they have the right to inflict pain on others.  Those who wreak havoc on others are evil, as are those who support them.  May the rest of the world stand up against evil in its most heinous form, such as Vladimir Putin.