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What a joy it was last Sunday watching the children open the service by parading down the center aisle all the while waving their palm branches, then around in front and around the congregation and then back down the center aisle, all the while waving their palm branches, reciting verses and clicking the clackers and tambourine in a rhythmic beat.  Anytime we have the children involved in any part of the service I love it—for one thing, you never quite know how it's going to turn out or what it will evolve into, but it's always fun (and interesting).

Maundy Thursday will be here, but it is going to be a joint celebration with the Methodists and will begin at 7PM this Thursday, April 2 with music and communion.  Pastor Bill will help with communion and reading a couple of verses.  

"Maundy Thursday" recalls Jesus' last night on earth with His closest associates.  At that time He washed the feet of His apostles and instituted the "Last Supper," which today is usually called, "Communion."  During the Last Supper Jesus asked us to " this in remembrance of me."  So, for 2,000 years Christian Churches have celebrated His memory as He requested by periodically have Communion.  Originally Maundy Thursday was about foot washing wherein Jesus displayed his "servanthood."  Today most Protestant churches do not wash feet—not because we're above washing feet, but because very few people want to submit to having their feet washed.  It is still done, however.  It seems many people are ashamed of having their feet seen.

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CDABA's First Friday . . . Art is for Everyone . . . Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 4-6PM.  Click here for more information.


Easter Sunday follows Maundy Thursday three days later.  Easter is the most Holy Day in the Christian year as we celebrate the "Risen Christ." After Jesus died the early followers scattered and feared for their lives.  When so many saw Jesus in person, the early community of believers became unified, stronger and unafraid.  It was the resurrection— Easter—that solidified the early Christian community into a cohesive unit that has changed and saved lives for nearly 2,000 years. 

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Going south on 101 Turn left on Longwood Ave., approximately 100 yards past the stoplight on 22nd St.

Going north on 101, turn right on Longwood Ave. just prior to the first stoplight on 22nd St.

Reedsport is located on the southern Oregon Coast in the center of the Oregon Dunes area, about half-way between Coos Bay/North Bend to the south and Florence to the north, at intersection of US 101 and OR 38. Our church is right next to Reedsport High School, just off US 101 near southwest Reedsport entrance. We have plenty of parking and if you're just passing through, there is room for RVs in overflow lot behind the church.

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